Vercel is a platform for easily deploying static websites and serverless functions.


The project is a NextJS app, with a custom REST API framework to allow for flexible testing. It is effectively a wrapper for the NodeJS SDK focused on consensus and trust.

You should only use Vercel, especially on the free tier, if you are expecting a low about of traffic or are creating a proof of concept.

Our recommended paid platform for production deployments, that can scale and is easy to use is Digital Ocean App Platform

Start the deployment with Vercel

You can start the deployment by clicking this link, this will redirect you to vercel and use the github project as a template it will also inject the various required environment variables in order to successfully deploy.


In order to successfully deploy the application you need to add 3 environment variables. These variables HEDERA_ACCOUNT_ID and HEDERA_PRIVATE_KEY can be found in your hedera account after registration.

The HEDERA_NETWORK describes the network you are targeting you can select mainnet, previewnet or testnet.

The API_SECRET_KEY is what you generate to interact with your REST client, keep this secret private and only share it with individuals that need to interact with it, it needs to be act least 10 characters long.

Consider generating it through a password manager like 1Password or Lastpass. Alternatively you could use the keychain access app in OSX to generate a suitable password.

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