Generate Metadata

Helping you to generate and pin HIP412 compliant metadata for your minted NFTs in your collection inside of IPFS through NFT storage.


Metadata is what we refer to as a structure that conforms to HIP412, to ensure that it is processable for down-stream clients such as wallets like Hashpack. Upon successful validation, you will be provided a CID as a unique reference to an IPFS pin for minting NFTs.

You should handle the media uploads by default, this is handled through the tools provided by, or using NFTup for directories.

Below is an example of valid metadata, but the validation has been handcrafted in the API to strictly handle many variations of HIP412, based on spec and examples.

If your JSON structure does not comply with the rules of the aforementioned HIP a status of 422 will be returned with a detailed error response on the issue.

Environment Variables

Remember, for complete management of NFT over an API for the creation, minting, metadata generation, and advanced transfer feature you need both the NFT_STORAGE_TOKEN and MIRROR_NODE_URL set.

pageEnvironment Variables


Generate the metadata based on a valid structure





The API_SECRET_KEY from the client's environment variables.

Request Body




Compliant HIP412 JSON structure

    // Response

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