This functionality implements the HCS-20 standard, and evolves with it over time. It provides all the alpha features expected including deploying, minting, burning, and transfer.
It is inspired by the BRC-20 protocol on Ordinals and has extended the functionality to auditable points in addition to introducing inscriptions on Hedera / Hashinals.
This feature is considered to be in an Alpha state, and that any code may change at anytime. We may additionally update this documentation to reflect the updated standards for dealing with this meta-protocol.
But due to the low-cost nature of HCS there is lower overhead to rectify issues.
Use at your own risk but have fun.
On mainnet every inscription call may provide a custom topic for private usage but it will always default to the public topic of 0.0.4350190.
These are the calls as follows:

Deploy an Inscription

Mint an Inscription

Burn an Inscription

Transfer an Inscription