The REST API provides a number of resources to consume to check the status of your account, update topics and send messages for generate timestamp consensus.

Postman Documentation

If you live and die by your love of Postman for API development, we provide a collection with examples that you can start using now. You'll need to create a new environment with fields for domain and api_key.

Run in Postman

The Routes

In all routes swap out the hedera-serverless-consensus.vercel.app for your URL.

Deployment Status

Want to check the status of your client use /api/status remember to update HIDE_STATUS in your environment to FALSE if you want to hide this behaviour.

Account Balance

Fetch the current account balance connected to the deployment, useful for checking that the configuration of the deployed service is valid.

Managing Topics

Create, update and get the info for a topic that you use to send your consensus messages to.

Sending Consensus Messages

Send a message to that you wish to get a trusted consensus timestamp for, you may provide an option for whether the message should be asynchronous or wait for finality to be reached.