Manage topics for sending consensus messages to the client. You may create, update and read the information of a given topic.

Topic routes

There are 3 routes that help to manage a given topic before sending consensus messages. The focus is that if you have a particular group of users or a particular app that you wish to have a separate topic to keep track of messages you can do so with different topics.

Please note that currently the creation of new topics automatically set the admin key to be the public key of the account of the deployed client. This means that a topic may only be updated by that account, the memo can only be changed.

All routes required authentication through the x-api-key and a escaped JSON value can be injected into the memo to hold more information about the topic.

Get topic info

Get the topic information using a supplied topic_id.

pageGet topic info

Create new topic

Create a topic with 2 optional values, the memo or the enable_private_submit_key which stops any other account to successfully sent a consensus message to the topic.

pageCreating a new topic

Update a current topic

Update the memo of a given topic by providing a memo property to the body.

pageUpdating a topic

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