Create an NFT Collection

Create an NFT Collection with a name, symbol, supply, and basic default royalties.
Note, that by using these tools for creating NFTs, we will add 5% to the current royalty structure for secondary sales we will receive.
As a developer or project owner, you may fork our repositories and remove this additional royalty, however, you probably will not receive any support from the team and it will make Matt sad...
Our royalty accounts are as follows:
Testnet: 0.0.34319163
Mainnet: 0.0.1119570


There are 3 required fields needed to create an NFT:
  • symbol
  • collection_name
  • supply
In addition, royalties of 5.25% are automatically added, these may be turned off. After all, we don't live in a web2 world anymore. For future secondary sales, you will receive 5% and this tooling treasury will receive 0.25% or 5% of the current royal structure.
These are the optional fields you can use:
  • allow_custom_fees (to disable royalties)
  • royalty_account_id (the account that will receive royalties, defaults to the Treasury API account)
  • royalty_fee (set as 0.05, or 5%, by default)
  • fallback_fee (default set as 0, for simpler internal transfers)
  • enable_unsafe_keys (CONSIDERED DANGEROUS: set the admin, freeze, and wipe keys)